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  1. I have been away for a while and was unable to check my PM's. The concertina has been sold, the the new owner is very happy, and got himself a very good deal. All inquiries were met with the same response, and I was as accommodating and gave as much information as I possibly could. I'll thank you not to go 'impuning anyones reputation'. Just to repeat, CONCERTINA HAS BEEN SOLD. No more inquiries please. Thanks to all who were genuinely interested, and not rude.
  2. Here's all the pictures I have guys.
  3. Do you mean a Jeffries concertina restored by Connors, or a Jeffries copy made by Connors? To be honest with you I'm selling this for a friend who isn't too familiar with the internet, so the answer is I don't know. I will contact him and get back to you.
  4. Concertina has been sold, thanks to all who were interested. Connor's Jeffries Concertina for sale. Still have the original receipt. It's six years old and played very little. It is as new. More pictures and further information available on request. Can sell through ebay if preferred. Located in Ireland but willing to ship internationally. Thanks.
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