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  1. I was devastated when I heard the news about Richard yesterday from a long standing friend of the folk music community here in Australia. I had been in contact with Rich over the past months regarding concertina design, as we shared an intense interested in the mechanics of our beloved musical boxes. I had only spoken to him via telephone a few weeks prior to his death and was absolutely floored when I heard the news. He was an inspiration to me in the very short time that I got to know him and he has prompted me to pursue my research with vigor. I can't believe that he is gone and that I had the privilege to have go to know him, albeit for such a short period. Rich ....... the legacy that is the concertina lives on and so too will your memory ...... rest in peace my friend ...... we will miss you! Andrew Nettleton Sydney, Australia
  2. Hi Chris, This is definitely an option and something I will be looking into. The measurements I wish to take are extensive and will take time to acquire. They need to taken accurately and consistently and therefore it would be far better if I were undertake it myself. There is something about acquiring the data oneself that gives confidence in the results later. Unless of course one starts with having taken incorrect data from the outset. Thanks for the input Chris!
  3. Thanks for the encouragement Robin. This is not my first attempt at data acquisition for this research. I hope that I can find some like minded people out there that are willing to pitch in and help for the benefit of all.
  4. Thanks for the input Paul .... The beauty of simulation and analysis is a thing called Optimisation. Based on certain criterion I can modify the 'base' geometry and run a series of analyses to optimise the outcome. Therefore I have no need for more than one example of the concertina. It seems like what you need to do is borrow one for the time need to do your measurments Hi Michael, Beg! Borrow! Steal! ...................... Only joking about the 'steal' bit - Hehe! But yes borrowing one would be an option but this is something that I have difficulty asking because I know how loaning something to someone can turn out. Having said that, it is an option if there were someone near me in the 'Land of Oz' that had one to measure. It would be better if I was able to go to their place and measure and weigh components. Then I would not have the borrowing issue at all (Idea!) Thanks for the input Michael. Much appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the input Paul .... The beauty of simulation and analysis is a thing called Optimisation. Based on certain criterion I can modify the 'base' geometry and run a series of analyses to optimise the outcome. Therefore I have no need for more than one example of the concertina.
  6. Andie, I don't wish to worry you, but I would imagine that if anyone here had the above, they would probably just be waiting for enough cash to restore it to its former glory, or waiting to swop or part exchange it with someone who was prepared & able to restore it. Knowing, by reputation, the expertise of the many expert restorers who are members here, I'd say there is probably no degree of dilapidation that they couldn't work with, to bring one of these instruments back to life. So I'd be very surprised if anyone here was willing to give away something like this ..... for "research purposes". If you were looking for a dilapidated old 20 button Mahogany ended Lachenal, you might be in with a shout, but an Edeophone TT ...... I hae ma doots! Still, I suppose there's no harm in asking. Cheers Dick I know what you are both saying Robin and Dick and I thank you for your input. Let me just say that I am interested in an Edeophone TT in the condition I described above from a purely technical perspective. My aim is not to obtain one on the cheap or any such thing (Chris Algar can attest to to this as I am am in the market for anything but a 'dilapidated' example when it comes to playing). I have no desire to restore an instrument in the condition described either. The research I am undertaking and the study I would like to conduct is a 'qualitative' comparative study of the Wheatstone Aeloa TT and the Edeophone TT acoustics using modern day computing simulation. To do this I need an example of and Edeophone for a dimensional analysis (i.e. I need to be able to take all the vital dimension of the instrument). My expertise is in engineering and predominantly analytical mechanical design. I have a long held interest in musical instrument design and have wanted to do a comparative study of the aforementioned concertinas for some time. Now, having said that, I have been waiting for an Edeophone 56 Key TT in 'Top' condition to come onto the market for some time (hence the reference to Chris) and am willing to pay the market price for such an instrument and to wait (BTW - I am a player not a collector). This would have been one way to have found a playable instrument, and to have a reference for dimensional analysis for my study but I can see this is going to take some time to come to fruition. The other way to acquire such a reference is to do what I have done on the forum recently, and that is simply to ask if there is one available that someone is prepare to part with, either from a minimal charge or for free. Robin, I know where you are coming from regarding prices and if I could find a Edeophone in 'top' condition (by look and function) it would kill two birds with one stone. To be able to do the acoustics analysis at both component and then 'system' levels, I would need all dimensional data on the model. I also need to be able weigh the parts to determine 'actual' densities of materials and then like. This is why I need a physical specimen. Some of this information can be lifted from my Treble Edeophone for example but I need to be comparing eggs with eggs and not apples, so the dimensional data is vital (i.e. mass of metal contained in reed on a TT and the distribution of that mass around the read pan. Mass of the reed pan and distribution of mass around it, Etcetera). Well, I hope this gives a better insight into what it is I am trying to undertake. It is quite a task but the information that I glean from this study will be well worth the effort. I'm keen to find out what really makes these instruments tick and to allay much of the subjectivity that surround their acoustics. If anyone is interested in helping me with this, please PM here. Thanks! Andie Constructive criticisms is also welcome!
  7. Hi all, I have a request that I hope someone out there may be able to help me with. Is there anyone with a dilapidated 1920-30s era Lachenal Edeophone 56 Key Tenor/Treble English Concertina that they would be prepared to either give me or sell me for research purposes. It is to be used for comparative purposes only so it does not need to be playable nor fully functional. Action boxes and reed pans preferably with reads would be a benefit, so too would intact fretwork if wooden ended. Finally it would not even need to have an intact bellows but the bellows ends would also be of interest. Any help on this one would be greatfully appreciated. Please PM me if you think you can help - Thanks! Cheers! Andie
  8. Thanks Bob for that ... I was looking for a software based strobe tuner and this looks just like the thing! I would love to here from people who have used this program as I'm sure David would and to know your thoughts on this innovation. Cheer! Andie
  9. I'd be inclined to say there are plenty of major problems with that concertina ... from broken straps to crushed pinkie rest to badly patched bellows. If the internal condition is anything like the external condition then I would say there is plenty wrong with it... only my opinion! ... anyone else?
  10. Looks like they (eBay) have removed it David ... Sorry people but this Edee was well and truly sold to me last year. I intend keeping it as David did such a fantastic restoration on it, so if you see it on eBay again, don't forget to rattle a few cages! Cheers!
  11. Hi again Chris, I have spoken to Chris Algar regarding the TT Edeophones you refer to. He says he has no TT Edeophones in stock at present. He says he had two, a while ago, but no longer. Cheers! Andie
  12. Hi Chris, Thanks for that ... I will see what he has! Cheers! Andrew
  13. Still in the market for that instrument! Cheers! Andrew
  14. Hi all, This may be a tall ask, but here goes. I am in the market for a 'top notch' Lachenal Edeophone 56 Key Tenor/Treble English. I am prepared to pay for an instrument in 'top' overall condition. If there is anyone out there with such an instrument that needs a good home, or there is anyone with an instrument of the above caliber that is sitting on a shelf or is in the bottom draw of the cupboard and you are reluctant to let go of it, then please contact me. An example of what I am looking for is shown here: http://www.pghardy.net/concertina/edeophon.../edeophone.html Please Note: I am a player and 'not' a collector. Specs: - Either original or restored condition (Top Nick) - Metal, Ebony or Amboyna Raised Ended - Steels reeds - Circa 1920's era - Concert Pitch Please PM me if you have such an instrument and wish to sell it. Thanks! Cheers! Andrew
  15. Hi all, Would just like to say that I would be wary of this one too as I seem to remember seeing these picture on eBay last year some time. Something not right with this one IMHO. Cheer! Andie
  16. This may be of interest to someone ........... http://cgi.ebay.com/Wheatstone-31987-Aeola...8QQcmdZViewItem Cheers! Andie
  17. Jesus! I didn't think my concertina could cause so much trouble David. You don't want to sell it by any chance, Andie? Chris Sorry to disappoint you Chris but I will be hanging onto this baby for a while to come. Unlike some, I am an avid concertinist in search of quality instruments to perform with. Don't give up on eBay! If it wasn't there we would miss it. And If it wasn't for the idiosyncratic nature of the online auction, things would be alittle boring. Cheers! Andie
  18. Hi again, Jesus! I didn't think my concertina could cause so much trouble David! Thanks to everyone for keeping the game straight! Cheers! Andie
  19. Hi David, That is my Edeophone and yes it is still "In the Land Downunder". Notice that the seller has not quoted the SN. Sadly there are currently seven people bidding for it. Ebay should have stopped it by now. Cheers! Andie
  20. Hi David, I saw the Edeophone when I was hunting around for one. I didn't like to look of the ad so I steared clear of it. If one reads the two ads side-by-side they are almost the same, word for word. Something fishy going on there! Cheers! Andie ;-])
  21. Hi there, My feeling is that GBP3025 was OTT even thought it looked in very good condition. I felt it would go for a little over GBP2600 but it went for well above that. As you said Robin, most likely "Just poor buying". Lack of knowledge may have played its part. I would like to purchase a T/T Aeola in very good condition but I will not be departing this sort of cash unless the market dictates that I must. If it does then a T/T Edeophone may be more my mark. Cheers! Andie
  22. Hi there, I saw this Wheatstone on the day it started. The by it now price was £2,450. Do you think it had a true market value of £3,025? I would be interested in other peoples views on this one. if it is indicative of the now market value we are all going to have to dig alot deeper into our pockets in the future. Cheers! Andie BTW - It did look like an exceptional instrument ................ guess we will never know whether it was or not? Would be interesting to know wouldn't it?
  23. Hi again, Jokes aside ............. "only joking Phil!" Thanks for all the information regarding Wheatstone & Co. Incredible to believe that the company still exists albeit in its current form. It is tempting to get in the queue for one of those instrument by I fear that Arthitis would set in by the time the clock was to strike "Concertina". Thanks again for the info ........... history is an amazing thing! Regards, Andie
  24. Hi all, I wonder if anyone could tell me who "www.wheatstone.co.uk" are. Are they the real Wheatstone of old? If not who are they and what are the instuments like that they make? From their pricelist what every they are they certainly cost an arm and a leg, " and maybe a few other body parts as well if you want added extras!" Thanks in advance for any info. Cheers! Andie
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