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  1. Thank you very much for your help. Sadly, or not depending on you point of view, I no longer live near the River Hamble or the Bursledon Boatyard but on the North Cornish coast.
  2. Hi Everyone. I am wanting to learn the tunes Down with the French/Kick my Arse as found on the English International CD. Now Down with the French is found easily enough but a search for Kick my Arse keeps coming up with various versions of Greensleves. Would anyone have the music or know where it could be found? Thanks in advance
  3. Try this: http://books.google.co.uk/books?hl=en&...=result#PPP1,M1
  4. Well, I am absolutely totally definitely convinced it would not sound anything like my Jack! Let us see what his next one goes for.
  5. I agree that Wim Wakker's concertina would be beautiful and costly but it would be a new one. To a certain extent the value of this concertina lies not only in it's condition but also in it's age and history. I will not lie though, I would like it for my self and I have almost justified it's purchase (only to me, certainly not the better half).
  6. Although we all think that this is very expensive, is it a good price?
  7. Hi there. Topic says it all really. I have looked about on the forum and the internet and I can't find it in the UK. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  8. I have just received this from the seller, David Wilson. "hi, here are more pictures. also are you interested in a quick sale? i can sell the concertina for 1000 GBP right now including delivery at your home. i will prefer to send you the item. let me know if you are interested and i will contact eBay team to send you all the details about how we will do. thank you David" He has also sent me a few more pictures.
  9. Thanks for the posts. I thought I recognised it. Will you be contacting eBay to see about having it removed? Oh well, I will just have to wait a little longer in my search.
  10. Hi there. Has anybody seen this? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Superb-60-key-Lachen...id=p3286.c0.m14 It looks familiar. Any idea if is real or a con? Cheers
  11. Cheers Lads. For putting this in the wrong forum I can only apologise for not paying more attention. For reasons beyond my control, namely limited internet acess via a satalite phone link I have neither the time nor the bandwidth for extensive use of the search engine, hence the quick question. While I thank you, Jim, for your extensive tutorial on the the subject of utilising the search engine to it's fullest potential, I can't help but wonder if you had put as much time and effort in answering the question as you did you did your tutorial, I would know much more about reeds than I do now.
  12. Hi What is the difference between these two reeds? Any ideas? Oooops Wrong forum. Can it be moved please?
  13. Hi. Although I have not yet managed to get there my self, Lester Bailey has told me there is a really good learning session in Romsey on Wednesday evenings, 8:00pm at The Star Church Street. Maybe this will help you and I may see you there.
  14. Hi All. I have started another thread as that last one was getting too crazy! I have just had a practice where I played through some carols from the book. I played one from start to finish, after which I went back to the bits where I had had trouble (e.g. the long bit in Ding Dong Merrily On High) and I then played those bits through several times until I was happy with them. I included a couple of bars either side for good measure, after which I played the whole thing again. This seemed to work for me rather well, though my learning strategy may change as I go along. I do get rather bored playing the same few bars over and over and over and over again. For though I may have learnt those few bars off pat, I feel, haven't really learnt that much. I think that if I can play a tune, complete with bad bits I am at least learning something, and I can work on the bad bits later. While this may not work for all, it certainly concentrates my "playing" on the bars that need more attention and lets me enjoy playing the bars that don't.
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