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  1. Just to add another view. I bought a wheatstone from Mr. Chesters about 2 yrs ago on ebay. I collected it from him personally and found him to be pleasant and helpful.
  2. Yeah! but if you'd won it you'd be cress fallen. Sorry but I can't match the other 21 carrot remarks.
  3. I'm selling one of my aeolas. It's a 64 key extended treble (bottom note G as on a 48 key treble). It has metal ends and is in excellent condition, having had its bellows replaced at some point in its life.The S/N is 27869 which dates it to 1918 I believe. I know that the higher notes will only be heard by dogs, but nevertheless quality aeolas are becoming rarer. It comes with a modern hard case. I want £1650 for it, which is what I paid for it nearly four years ago. I would also consider a deal on a 80 key McCann duet. I am in Wigan, Lancs so anyone within travelling distance is welcome to try it out.
  4. I have a 64 key extended treble Aeola for sale. It is metal ended and has had the bellows replaced at some time in its history. The lowest note is G as on a 48 treble. Its pitch is A=440 and it is in excellent condition. It is in amodern hard case which is very solid. I am asking what I paid for it 4 years ago. £1650. Please contact Charles@galloway 83.freeserve.co.uk If you are within travelling distance of Wigan in Lancs you are most welcome to try it.
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