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  1. Hello, TTONON, and thanks for showing an interest in my 'Titanium Reeds' topic. You are right in suggesting that Ti reeds sound more like steel than brass.

    Although I have not any longer the will to carry on further researches into titanium alloys as reed material (there is a reason why reeds were made traditionally from steel or brass), I'm sure that someone with an academic bent and many hours of time on their hands to pursue further study might find this to be an absorbing scientific enquiry: so over to you, someone!

    One thing that my 'Sage number 2' did say, rather cryptically, was that 'the material has some interesting and unusual properties'.

    Make of that what you will!!  

    Cheers!    Dave

    1. ttonon


      Hi Dave, thanks for the comments, and my interest in this topic is as you guessed more scientific than practical.  I'm also glad to hear your view that my theoretical suppositions have some practical verification.  Yes, this makes me fee very good, and thank you again.  Your's is the first clear verification of this idea, and I think it's noteworthy in the annals of Concertina lore. 

      I'm puzzled why you chose to respond privately rather than through the forum.  I do suggest you put your response there because I know other forum members would be interested.  I remind you that this forum has quite a long history, and many of us have already gone through such topics in detail.  I doubt most of the newer members are aware of that, and I think some of them would find such things interesting.  Perhaps it will also spark some interesting posts that wouldn't have been sparked otherwise.  Best of luck to you.


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