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  1. An old time D tune from Alabama. (Played in C)
  2. Really well done! I've been listening to Norman and Nancy Blake's "Rising Fawn Gathering" featuring the boys of the lough. Cool to hear James Bryan fiddling with concertina accompaniment on a few tracks.
  3. Bob Wills is still the king....
  4. Haha, I'm looking forward to hearing your take on the tune!
  5. I'm a big fan of his accordion playing but didn't know he played concertina. Thanks for sharing that.
  6. Bruce is incredible, and yes I wish I could play it like more like that!
  7. I recently noticed that when I play the concertina my left hand side is usually stationary as my right hand moves the bellows. When I play the accordion it is reversed with my left hand moving the bellows. I also can't understand how some of yall stand up and play with neither side anchored down.
  8. Finished building this limberjack today and tested it out with a few tunes.
  9. A good waltz about showing love to each other before we die.
  10. Thanks Simon, yes the dog is not fond of the squeezebox... Often she will cry or whine along with the song I'm playing!
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