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  1. Amazingly garbled scan. It's a beautiful example of how many of the great works of Western Civilization are going to be lost as we scan books digitally and the paper, softer than the parchement used by the ancients, crumbles quickly into dust.
  2. Hey, Jax! Long time no read. (Looks like your most recent previous post was in 2007). Welcome back. Any new sound files so we can hear what you've been doing? Thanks, just dropped in to get an update on life in Concertina World .. Rich Morse died!? Hadn't heard. How sad! Sound files ... I have a couple for demo. I have a jazz act now. Just haven't been recording much because not dreaming of pop stardom based on my own compositions. However, my stuff is a good example of what you can do with Hayden. I don't know about posting because, of course, all those legal issues. Any tips?
  3. Ah, poo. I perform at least twice a week on the Hayden (other days I perform on upright bass) playing everything from jazz to pop to classical, and there's no way I can shell out $8550. Maybe a rich hobbyist can, but I'm a working musician ( == not quite homeless )
  4. Hmm You could add Pity the Stranger to a concertina album. The intro is actually a Garmoshka and the instrumental break is a Stagi Hayden Duet.
  5. Yeah, that's more what I'm currently looking for. Awesome!!
  6. xe.com Universal Currency Converter ® Results Live mid-market rates as of 2006.09.12 17:04:28 UTC. 4,400.00 EUR Euro = 5,581.22 USD United States Dollars 1 EUR = 1.26846 USD 1 USD = 0.788357 EUR Oops, I thought this was something in the price range of your "C-System Bandoneon" which is going for <$1000.00 on eBay. $5500 is out of my range right now, my apologies. I'm sure it's a lovely instrument, and I look forward to encountering someone who buys one so I can try it out!
  7. Hey Harry! Brian and I are still waiting for your estimate on the price you'll need to build these attractive Hayden machines!
  8. That's really the reason I like it that way. On my little Stagi Hayden I play melodies that run from one side to the other, and with the buttons in the normal Hayden layout it is very natural to run down, say, d-c#-B-A crossing from one side to the other, it makes the rows feel as if they were joined, just extensions of one another.
  9. I'd be one of the "opposite direction" crowd. BTW, (he edits in), is the layout you propose on the face in normal concertina style or up on the edge like you are laying out your C-System hybrids? What's the proposed price? That's the deal maker/breaker for me.
  10. Harry also is not particularly picky about the button direction, he'd probably build it with the bass buttons running in the standard Hayden orientation if that's what people wanted. But he should speak for himself! I'll try to remember to email him tonite to join this discussion.
  11. He says he wants to know what kind of interest there is in such an offering. If you'd buy one at some price point, you should probably let him know.
  12. Harry Geuns had indeed sent me accidentally the wrong jpegs. The correct diagram of the proposed Geuns Hayden/Wicky Bandoneon is now posted. Note the kinky left side ... the buttons run top-to-bottom as some have proposed, rather than bottom-to-top as all Haydens constructed to date do.
  13. I owned one of these Bastari double-reeds for a while; it had a better tone than the Stagi but still somewhat thin. I understand the appeal of a multireed Hayden Duet; if HD's were as common as accordions, I'd surely own at least one multireed. Bob Tedrow's HD is single-reed but very punchy and reedy, it's a much more powerful sound than the Stagi, and perhaps ever more suitable for stage work than the old Bastari two-reed. The "tragedy" is that these instruments are so rare that we don't have many practical choices. At this point I play Hayden Duet better than I play any other squeezebox, but I find myself playing three-row and club system button accordion on stage simply because I can pick up from time to time a nice-sounding, loud and warbly two-reed Hohner on eBay in either of these systems for under $200 and sell it back on eBay when I'm tired of it.
  14. I've removed the art until I can clarify whether: Harry Geuns forwarded me the wrong art, or He means that he wants to make a Hayden bandonion according to the Marcus layout. Thanks for pointing this out ot me.
  15. Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years Of American Independence
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