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  1. Unfortunately, those mentioned are for the anglo, and you have an English. I've forgotten whether there's a video companion to Pauline's tutor, but if not, there should be. I would recommend the "Concertina Workshop" Tutor By Alistair Anderson, for learning to play English Concertina. It was the best book I found when I was first learning to play. It is available from the Button Box. It is a good straight forward tutor with good info and good tunes, and info about chords. Alistair Anderson is a great player of the English. --Try it, you'll like it--PS-when this tutor first came out it had a companion LP,but I don't think it is still available nor been put out on cassestte or CD?---Steven
  2. The harper mentioned some sort of bellows/squeezed instrument from Breton that might resemble a concertina like renaissance stringed/strummed instruments resemble modern folk guitars. Hmmm. ---This instrument they were referring to is possibly a Biniou-koz (spelling?) which uses a bellows to inflate the bag. The Biniou-koz is a Breton bagpipe--Steven
  3. Not really, but it hasn't entirely stopped me from participating. -I prefer the other format--it was easier to use --to tell you the truth -this new format is somewhat of a pain in the "bellows" to use!!!
  4. I have a 1904 Wheatstone English (56 button-extended treble)=It was restored by Dipper about 1 year ago. and a Herrington Anglo (30-button:C/G)---I ordered a Dipper Anglo almost 3 yrs ago--Hopefully it will come one day before I die!!??!!--Steven--
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