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  1. I have the reeds from a hohner black dot double ray, is it possible to use these to create a different layout for a concertina ( Anglo) 30 button , please forgive my ignorance. I would like to build my own . Any help would be most grateful. thank you
  2. Can leather valves be treated to revive them ?
  3. Hi Hi David , did you manage to find the green Moroccan leather and papers ? If so could you tell me where you got it from as I have the same bellows to repair, I need 4 of the outer papers and 4 internals. Also I am trying to find out what material was used behind the fret ends, is it vellum, and would they have originally used black felt for the button holes? I am missing 3 of the silver end caps on the buttons and one fell off, just wondering how I can reattach it - glue? Many thanks
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