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  1. The row are straight in all directions and at both ends, despite their appearance in the photos.


    The button spacing on each row is the same on both ends, but the rows are closer together on the left, making the diagonal button spacing less.


    Button diameter 8 (all distances in mm, nearest mm)


    Distance between button-centres of the triangle C - D - G (or any other triangle on the same side):
    Right:  C  17  D  14  G  17  C
    Left:    C  17  D  13  G  16  C


    On both ends the upper button of the nearest row (C or G#) is opposite the top of the handrest (i.e. the leather strap).


    Distance C to G# (same both ends) 68

    Perpendicular distance from edge of handrest to centre of C and G# buttons:
                                  Right       Left
    Handrest to C        45           58
    Handrest to G#      53           42


    So I calculate the slope as - right: 6.7 deg, left: 13.6 deg.


    It was only when I was considering the conundrum - why have closer rows on the left when there are fewer rows to fit in? - that I noticed that the handrests about 5mm nearer to you on the right.


    It's as if the two ends were designed independently by different people!


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  2. It's laminate strip, stuck on and varnished over, as you can see in the left-hand picture. I would have done that bit again - most of the corners are like the right-hand picture. The strip is made of plastic, at a guess.


    The effect is quite attractive, I think, though obviously fake. The whole instrument seems well-enough constructed to my inexpert eye.



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  3. Hello. My first post here - though I have been lurking a lot. I bought one in January - from the OP in fact. A 70th birthday present to myself.


    Here are some pictures. I don't believe it's changed externally recently - except it has a discreet '100% Made in Italy' sticker instead of the big white 'Stagi' lettering. It seems in tune to me: Steve enclosed a note saying he'd checked it (hi Steve).


    The studs are the same as ever, I think. It looks to me like the one on the website hasn't got the pins pushed in. I too thought of furniture buffers ( I had read the review) but I suspect the self-stick ones might come off in use. 


    Since I'd never touched a concertina before I cannot comment on how easy it is to play compared with others. Any problems I have playing it are not the instrument's fault! (And it's easier than I expected - so far...!).




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