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  1. The layout adjusts to the device width:

    >1200px there is an icon and a name

    >980 and <1200 there is a name

    <980 there is just an icon


    You're likely to see the last of those on a mobile device.


    * In desktop Firefox you can use Tools>Browser tools>Responsive design mode to change the display size: drag the right edge to left and right and see how the layout changes. There's probably something similar in Chrome. Just changing the window size should show it too.

  2. A couple of us have been working on getting EasyABC to play multi-voice selections - i.e. a part of the tune selected by dragging the mouse across the score. This might be of interest to some of you, particularly if you play a duet concertina.


    The source code for EasyABC on github is currently at version


    That has not been 'released' (in the usual meaning of the word) but I see that snapshots of have been made available on Apple Macs.


    The most recent change fixed a bug which was preventing fluidsynth working reliably on 64bit machines. (Fluidsnth had never worked for me on Linux.)


    On 4th March that was incorporated in so any snapshot taken after that will incorporate it.


    You can download all the code as a zip file with the green button. There is a text file describing how to install and run it in Windows, though it may not be up to date.


    The problem I set out to solve is described in the image and sound file in my post here:


    I fixed that, and you can see multi-voice selection working in the later post here:



    So job done. Well, no. Over the next few months people found cases where it didn't work. My thanks to markblinkhorn for discovering that it wouldn't play chords - and for fixing that:



    And I added the ability to select passages from multiple lines. There is a short video of that in operation in this post:


    That feature is useful whether it's a single- or multi-voice tune.


    Thanks also to @RWL for discovering several odd effects involving repeats and alternate endings, which are unexplained but have work-rounds.


    All that works well-enough on Linux and Windows 10  (I do not have a Mac) so I'm posting here to invite you to try it if you know how to run Python.  (Sorry, no Windows installer.) If you want to try it PM me and I'll send you a link to the dozen python files which you substitute for the ones on github. Those files also allow EasyABC to work under Python up to 3.10 and includes changes to the settings menus required by newer versions of python/wx-python.


    If you are not a member of c.net, you can contact me at the support email address here.

  3. I've mentioned before that I see these public messages on the RSS feed. Not many - about once every couple of months. With one exception the poster obviously thought they were sending a PM. Another one today - a long personal message - prompts me to suggest that the feature be removed.


    This thread on the Invision Community duscusses it. One poster says "...I've seen email addresses, telephone numbers, personal enquiries, all posted publicly via status updates. People don't take the time to read descriptions [that says it's public] they see a field on a profile and proceed to use it.

    I disable status updates on every installation. I don't see the point of the feature..."


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  4. On 2/21/2024 at 9:41 PM, Leah Velleman said:

    Think of it like a very old-fashioned website, but you get it on a CD and not over the internet.

    This immediately reminded me of the Peter Bellamy CD set  "Wake the Vaulted Echoes" which is just like that. I don't think there is any video, but the sound files are RealAudio format!


    On 2/21/2024 at 7:53 PM, Leah Velleman said:

    But it feels weird that resources like this are becoming unavailable as ... file formats change.

    This is a well known story in the UK, but maybe not beyond.


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  5. For the past few years many browsers will not use the file:/// protocol, which means they cannot display a website on a local disk. Firefox is one. Is that what the problem is?


    There are several solutions - there may be a configuration switch, or use a different browser. You could also copy it to a webserver.


    Edit: I think that's wrong, I was thinking of browsers on mobile devices where I had this problem. I think PC browsers still allow file:///


    Edit 2: It is html and does run in a browser - see the comments at the bottom of here.

  6. 39 minutes ago, Luke Hillman said:

    ...unfortunately without following any established conventions...

    Indeed, Expecially as the pause icon is a 'media control symbol', understood to mean 'click or tap me to stop the video/sound'.



    ... the Pause symbol having reportedly been invented at Ampex during that decade for use on reel-to-reel audio recorder controls, due to the difficulty of translating the word "pause" into some languages used in foreign markets.


     From https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_control_symbols

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  7. By 'background' I mean the tab is not in the foreground - you can't see it. Either it was opened in the background, or another tab was opened over it in the foreground. (You can configure new tabs from links to open in either; I'm not sure what the default is now.)


    A background tab can be active or inactive, depending what it's doing and other factors - eg memory. Here on Firefox for Android tabs can quickly become inactive.


    The community site says

    "When you have automatic polling turned on and the tab has been inactive for a while it shows the paused icon."

    "Yes, the icon indicates that the page is no longer polling for new notifications."


    If not push alerts, what are these notifications?

  8. If you right-click on that tab, is there a relevant option - eg Play - which toggles it?


    If not, can you play something in that tab - eg a YT video - and see if that makes any tab controls operable.


    You have 2 c.net tabs on your screenshot. What's the difference between them? Is the 'Big list' one bookmarked? Pinned? Cached? Try unpinning, or clearing the browser cache.


    Failing all that what OS and Fx version?

  9. 6 hours ago, Don Taylor said:

    It looks like this version from the Session is (just) playable on an Elise

    I play the 2-voice version - #5 on that page - on my Peacock (42 buttons). Maybe the Dm version of that is playable, or the left hand can be adapted to fit. (I often have to do that.)

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  10. Yes, I was only referring to Stagi-made ones and their evolving branding. I'd call yours a 'genuine' Bastari.


    Here's the description of that wiki photo



    A Hayden type duet concertina with 46 button keys. Bastari brand(sold as Stagi brand in foreign countries), made in Italy. Right hand. This photo was taken at TANIGUCHI GAKKI, or Taniguchi Musical Instruments Store, Ochanomzu, Tokyo.


    I suspect that (the branding) is inaccurate.



  11. This piece (in German) has more about that:


    [Depths of a Clown: The Man Who Made Hitler Laugh Grock was the greatest Swiss artist of his time - and a favorite of the Nazis. Now his estate is going to the museum. How should we remember him?]


    A concertina-related extract (Google translate):


    Raymond Naef allows critical questions. At the same time, it is important to him that his great uncle is remembered as a great artist. In his basement he unpacks a box containing a large bass concertina. This somewhat clumsy instrument comes from England and, unlike the hand organ*, has no preset chords. “Many people could play the violin or saxophone,” says Naef. “But the concertina was Grock’s favorite instrument. He mastered it.” Naef picks up the concertina and plays a little Russian melody. A melody without which Naef would not have acquired the instrument. After the clown's death, Grock's sister Cécile decided that only those who could play the instrument should have the instrument.

    * Handorgel

  12. As this thread is about scanning scores into ABC, I'll not address problems with EasyABC.


    I put the two MusicXML files - the one I produced with Music Scanner on Android, and the one Michael produced with PlayScore2 on iOS, through Wim Vree's xml2abc.js and displayed the score using abc2svg.js, all using his web tool: https://wim.vree.org/js/xml2abc-js.html (These are the same javascript modules used in Michael's web tool.)


    Here are the first few bars of the original pdf from free-scores.com


    Then PlayScore2 on Michael's iOS device



    Those parallel beams in bar 3 is what seems to cause the treble to divide into two voices, 3 and 4. And that tricky bar 5 causes the additional voice 5.


    Finally Sheet Music Scanner on my Android


    The Android scanner goes wrong very early. Curiously, however, It generates the entire treble with one voice including, in bar 5, parallel beams - although the lower one should be in bar 3!


    I attach the two ABC files.

    ragtime-nightingale_freescores_ios_playscore2_xml2abc.js.abc ragtime-nightingale_freescores_android_scanner_xml2abc.js.abc

  13. Playscore2 on iOS generates 5 tracks/voices:

    %%score { ( 3 4 5 ) | ( 1 2 ) }

    3,4,5 being the treble and 1,2 being the bass (which starts earlier)


    3 and 4 come into existence in bar 3 seemingly as a result of the parallel beams. Thereafter upward and downward stems are in separate voices. I haven't checked but I suspect the bass (1 and 2) is similar. So parallel beams double the number of voices on that staff. Maybe upward and downward stems in the same tune/bar do too.


    I don't know why it generates voice 5. It appears in bar 5 and only ever generates the note G. But if I look at bar 5 in the original score (the pdf I posted) - which is different to the what appears in the ABC tool - I see an 'overhead' beam attached to a note with a downward stem. That seems to cause it.  Some of these Gs have both up and down stems in the ABC tool, but not in the original score; I suspect that's caused by voice 5.


    My Music Scanner on Android also generated more voices, but differently:

    %%score { 1 | ( 2 3 4 ) }

    V1 being treble this time.

    It played fine in Music Scanner itself - it's just the exported MusicXML which is suspect.


    @Roger Hare My latest EasyABC on Linux is obviously broken*. It won't open the ABC from the ABC tool. Can you import the MusicXML that I posted earlier?

    [Edited to add: *Actually I see a message "warning: Possible buffer overflow". It doesn't say what buffer though.]


    I wonder if there's any fundamental reason - a limitation of MusicXML - why a scanner couldn't put the whole of the treble or bass staff in one track/voice?


    It's worth mentioning that Playscore 2 is much more expensive than my Android Music Scanner. I believe you need a subscription to the 'pro' version to export MusicXML.

  14. I took the pdf score of Ragtime Nightingale from here:


    and put it though Music Scanner on my Android tablet for comparison.

    It played nicely in Music Scanner itself but the MusicXML was not so good.


    EasyABC failed to import it, stopping after 28 bars of the 91. (But my version of EasyABC is suspect!)


    Michael's web tool imported it all but the playing was faulty which I assume is the MusicXML .


    I notice that there are 4 voices in the ABC against 5 in the one Michael posted:

    %%score { 1 | ( 2 3 4 ) }
    V:1 treble nm="Accordion"
    V:2 bass 
    V:3 bass 
    V:4 bass 

    Why not just two. Or six?


    I attach the PDF and MusicXML for others to play with.

    lamb-joseph-ragtime-nightingale_freescores.pdf lamb-joseph-ragtime-nightingale_freescores.xml

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