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  1. Hi, Please get in touch if you're selling a Maccann duet, with wooden ends, with at least 55-keys - ideally more, in good working order. UK based. Much appreciated! Tori
  2. Hi, I know it's been a while, but is the duet still available? Thank you 🙂
  3. Hello - I came to this via a beautiful recording including Orange in Bloom on Youtube (where Adrain demonstrates equal temperament vs 1/4 comma meantone) - the book looks excellent (and inspiring) but sadly doesn't look like it includes this tune - I play a duet and would love notation on that if you have any?? many thanks 🙂
  4. Many thanks for all your thoughts 🙂 experience and words of wisdom... The 'odd keys' aren't odd in themselves, just that I fit to my vocal range and comfort, rather than predictable keys (and there is some room there to adjust, but varies song to song)... but I like the versatility of an instrument with a full chromatic scale, that's all. Interestingly your collective answers seem to favour the duet, but still a few favour EC, I guess I'll just have to suck it (or squeeze it) and see Maccannic - fingers crossed you're right about my touch typing! Thank you all 🙂
  5. Hello, I'm looking for advice please. I'd like to learn concertina to accompany myself singing. Having done some research, I think either English or duet would work best (since I tend to sing in odd keys and don't want to be restricted by the instrument). I like the sound of the lower concertina ranges, and think they would work best with my voice (I sing Alto), so tempted by a tenor treble or baritone English, but my money seems to go further with a duet. I'm wondering which type of concertina would be the easiest transition to learn as a piano player ? The English makes sense to me - ledger lines to the left, spaces to the right... but equally melody with the right hand, chords to the left does too, but I'm cautious about the apparent randomness of note placement on common duets... I'm quite dextrous (can touch type) and play piano to grade 5. What advice would you give? Many thanks for your thoughts :-)
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