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  1. Dear Silbersee, I can only confirm what I wrote about them some time ago.They are good instruments , very reliable ,the Clare has a nice sound and plays very easy.About the service:last winter a reed went flat , I had a a new one from Garvey in about one week.,after I sent ihm an email. If you go to Siegen (Suttner) come to Münster and I can show you them.
  2. I was impressed with the name and ordered one - the Vintage with concertina reeds ( I guess they come from Suttner) I had to wait only 8-10 weeks - I was really satisfied with the price and the instrument - a mellow tone and good playability - untill then I have played "only" Lachenal and the Vintage was at once my favourite- I was (am) so satisfied that a little time läter I bought also the hybrid - also great tone and playability - that was one year ago - now I have also some Jeffries and Wheatstone but still I like to play the Vintage they are modern, reliable instruments co
  3. Good Morning,


    if still unsold , I would buy it . I live in Germany.


    best wishes 


    Fulvio Quattrocchi

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    2. Quattrocchi


      Hi John,


      I pay your price. And you can send it to Germany before the brexit comes !

      Let me know how you would prefer to have the money.


      best wishes



    3. Quattrocchi



      I don't find my message and I don't know if you received it. Any how I said I would prefer DHL express even if rather expensive -

      best wishes 


    4. Quattrocchi


      or you can email me drtremolo@yahoo.de

  4. Hello Mr.Moran, is the Wheatstone still for sale ? Fulvio Quattrocchi
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