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  1. Thanks for the good info. I will keep them in mind in case my feelings change about duet system. They are lovely instruments.
  2. Hi Mike - I am starting to shop for an Ango C/G for Irish. Let me know if you have something.
  3. Hi - I'm a newbie concertina player but I've been playing irish trad for about 12 years now (mostly pipes flute and whistles) and recently added concertina to my music addiction. : ) I am not very knowledgeable about concertinas, but Greg J. restored an antique (1900) 20 button Lachenal for me last year, and now I have progressed to the point where I am looking around for an upgrade. I love the Lachenal sound - my little box has steel reeds and is quite soulful, so your instruments interest me. I don't know a McMann from a Crane so I have no idea which one would suit me better?
  4. Hi Greg - you restored my 20 button anglo Lachenal C/G a while back and it is great fun and I love it, but I'm starting to learn tunes that require C# so beginning to look around for an upgrade. Please let me know if you have anything for sale that I would be interested in. I'm playing irish trad tunes and occasionally some old timey / bluegrass as well. Hope you are well and have a great time at the squeeze-in. Best, Chris Deis
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