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  1. Sent you a message on this Paul now that your back from holiday.
  2. Thank you for sharing! A nice tune. I downloaded the sample and my iTunes immediately played it followed by " Can't you feel the love tonight"!! Haha, had me crackin up. I couldn't help but crack a smile. By the way, whereabouts on the islands? I was born in Honolulu and was just back in Kona for the month of July. Aloha Cuz!!
  3. Great!! Thank you both! This is excellent news. I'm already tired of the out of pitch squeaky box I have currently and fighting for Lachenals on UK ebay, lol. I will be placing a call to them first thing in the morning. For what it's worth David, I almost had a Bastari (W-15) model for $144 shipped but it sold just as I realized what a good deal it was! Who knows wether or not it would have been in tune or not but I kick myself yet and check ebay religiously. thanks again!
  4. I had no idea that they did this! I'm new to C Net and Concertinas myself. I found one on craigslist after getting hooked on listening to them. Alas it is a cheap silvertone and a weak leaky bellows but I paid only $60. Any way, do you know what models they rent and what they typically go for? I've been looking at a Morse concertina and was thinking of saving for it but if I can rent to own that model it would be a joy. Although I do believe anything is a step above what I currently have.
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