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  1. Wow, you gentalmen, Ladies, got some seriously good information. I'm going to reread this post a couple times! I decided to give my niece that toy accordion because she was just having so much fun with it. I taught her to play old susana for her! x) Again, What you guys have told me, HELPS alot. I am still working /designing my bench. I have low knowledge on doing these types of repairs..... I think i can pull it off. Besides, Everyones gotta start somewhere. For my expensive instrument, i still ship off to button box. I do have nearly every book made for anglo concertina. I have about 3 cheap concertinas, (also one chemitizer) that im going to work on first.... then my intermediate one, if and only if, those turn out ok. This is going to be a completely free guide with pictures and notes. with full credit to everyone on this post. SOOO the only two biggest two questions I have are: 1.) where can I buy the correct tools for tuning these reeds. (MOST IMPORTANT!) 2.)Where can i buy a single reeds like (c#) drone. Or any one for that matter. ALso do they force you to buy sets.... like 5 different reeds?.... I cant seem to decifer what these euro sites are trying to say. ive done research on them.... but alot of them are in europe and i really cant understand what they are trying to say. 3.) also do any companies sell prefabricated reed holders ? (to hold them on the wood, while your tuning them?), or do i need to make one myself. Or if anyone can, id just buy a couple from you, to help me make my tuning table. I am only working with hybrid concertinas with accordion reeds. 4.) comes back to number two. since im just starting, im bound to destroy a few reeds. And im going to have to buy one that is in the same tune.... or find ones that can be tuned propperly for concertina with accordion reeds? Well thankyou everyone who takes the time to increase my wisdom. Its much appreciated. 5.) completely off topic, but do we have any concertina players around central florida area? it would be fun
  2. Im still designing my small table. This is what im thinking about for the bellows... I want to keep this as cheap as possible.... Ive even read about people using the metal on 3.5" floppy disks to hold the reeds in place.
  3. Im building my own tuning table. (bellow for air control) not a vacuum But I need peoples opinion on what tools i need to modify the reeds. Scrapers, grinders, metal support, or w/e. Ive no intention of going past amature. But regardless, I am still trying to learn how to repair these instruments for myself. I do have plenty of garbage reeds to start to learn on. also what do you use for holding the reeds in place? both accordion style reeds and concertina reeds. I'm taking plenty of pictures of this rig, and hopefully ill beable to document it, for free, so other people can learn how to do it for themselves.... or at least learn from my mistakes.
  4. Just a quick question, Because I'm interested in finding out how to do it. Did you build a rig to tune the reeds? I know some of the guides (if your professional) Then to use a blower in the other room.... but for amateurs like me (and I presume you), Bellows on a wood block might be optimal. regardless, didn't mean to hijack the thread, just curious how you do it.
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