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  1. Mini ango sold, Hayden duet still available. Thanks for diverse inquiries, advice, humorous private messages (some of which really needed to be private!), etc. Contribution sent to site manager, and new owner of anglo seems happy - and can play it much better than I ever could. Good all around. I may be moving house in a month or so, and would be packing the duet away into climate-controlled storage. If anyone's seriously interested, please PM in the next week or two. Thanks again to all!
  2. Does anyone know if Wheatstone is actually delivering new instruments anymore? There seem to be people who have put down deposits many years ago and have little prospect of ever taking delivery.
  3. Oh, and this model does not come with a compass, All those steel reeds would throw off calibration anyway. I just hang a GPS from the wrist strap when playing and orienteering at the same time. (Sorry; couldn't resist.)
  4. That is correct. And highest are B4 and D6. Re button layout, the photos are pretty accurate. I don't know much about biomechanics, but both rows of buttons seem equally (and well) accessible to me. In fact, it's the easiest-to-hold concertina I've played. A PM asked about size and weight: 7-1/4" across flats, and 1308g (approx. 2lb 14oz). Had some joint issues even way back when I ordered it, and asked for a fairly light instrument to avoid needing a neck strap. Other questions, feel free to PM - I'll post any general-interest answers here. Thanks!
  5. Fingering on the little anglo - hope this is right:
  6. With considerable regret, need to sell these two instruments. Duet is full-sized; anglo is 3-7/8" across flats. Little played, and stored carefully for some time - playable now but need exercise. Prefer to sell in person if at all possible, or via reliable intermediary. Location: Boston, MA USA. Please message privately for any required information. Advice on current pricing will be much appreciated. If sold to or through anyone ehere, will donate appropriately to site management. Thanks in advance for your interest. May the music continue forever!
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