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  1. Hi. Lachenal 28 Button C/G - circa 1881-1887 - which has new 6F bellows (D.Leese) Tuned and padded (C.Algar) £1100 ONO Lots of pics available Kind regards Mike
  2. Hi Have you found one? I have a 28 Button Lach C/G for sale, fully restored by Barleycorn Concertinas offers around £1100 inc P+P depending where you are on this planet. I'm selling to finance a 7 Mount Concertina Let me know Many thanks Howard
  3. Hi. Lachenal 28 Button C/G which has new 6F bellows (D.Leese) Tuned and padded (C.Algar) £1100 ONO Lots of pics available Kind regards Mike
  4. The Duet market seems pretty unpredictable overall, partially since it doesn't have a clear grounding in particular traditions, so depends a lot on individual interest. I would be interested in hearing more about your small Duet, shot you a PM. Hi. I have a Lach Maccann Duet 46 key. . . . Tuned and padded 4 months ago (believed by C.Algar) with new 6 fold bellows . . . £550 ONO if you are still looking or know anyone. Also a Lach 28 Button C/G which has new 6F bellows (D.Leese) Tuned and padded (C.Algar) £1100 ONO if you know anyone Regards Mike
  5. Hi I'd just like to thank Mr Coover for putting this book together. Within a couple of weeks I was playing with both hands together. Now, after several weeks using the book and Vids I'm really pleased with my progress. Ned of the Hill, The Beaver, Hard times come again no more, and my particular fav so far - You are all I have. . . . . .. So plenty still to tackle. I must say the Vids help so much more than a CD and would love all the tunes covered. (although I do understand how time consuming that would be) I don't read music very well so don't get the timing right, which means the songs dont really sound as they should. Not so with the Vids, I picked them up very quickly. You have been the biggest help in my learning. What looks like a horrendous task (the notation in any book) is made so much easier with the system you have employed. I haven't bought the xmas book but I probably will (I'm not a xmas person) its all good practice whatever the tune. I hope you bring out another book and accompanying Vids. I'll buy it without a second thought. I paid £17 Amazon. . . . . . I would gladly pay £25 for it to cover the Vids . . . . and I think anyone who can be informed through advertising (as in - this book is accompanied by free Vid tuition blah blah blah info in how to access the Vids is in the book) maybe they would pay that much too. They should. Thank you very very very much Mike
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