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  1. I purchased the wonderful C/G Crabb 20 button 'tina above with soft gig case. Sadly, I must part with it. It was an is an awesome, awesome 'tina. I am passing it along for same great price and will donate to site. Regards! Sean PS oh, i will be back to another 'tina when the devil's not at my door...
  2. I do not know if this threads uses a "dibs" system...but i would like to call dibs on the 20 button Crabbbconcertina. WIll PM you with the information! Thx, Sean
  3. Posted another PM! My money luck holds, should have a sale here! Thanks! I fell in love with those little 'tinas!
  4. Did this ever get sold? I am interested!
  5. Interested in buying. I am in Tucson, Arizona USA Anyway i might be able to work a cash trade deal? Just to bring the cash price down a bit? I have two professional Native American flutes and maybe some other things lying about. Let me know. I have been wanting a mini for awhile. I played english, then anglo, and it would be nice to go back to a simple small english for playing light camp fire tunes... Please let me know if we can work out a deal My cell for text or calls is 520-488-six932 THANKS!!!
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