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  1. I have owned a Jeffries Duet since the early 80s, but have only recently (i.e in the last year or so) begun to really try learning to play it (my main squeeze was a Piano Accordion, playing for Morris, but I have ceased Morris for the time being, and am now taking the opportunity to learn the Jeffries). Anyway, I can knock out quite a few tunes in G and am trying to move onto D in order to explore the instrument more. I have begun attending Chris Timson's sessions in Bradford-on-Avon to encourage me to move away from my 'comfort zone' of playing Morris tunes in G! However, I am aware that by teaching myself, it is possible (and in fact, most probable) that I shall begin to develop incorrect techniques and bad habits, in particular regarding fingering. I have seen the fingering charts on the web, but they don't actually suggest correct fingering, which is what I am after learning...though one may say there is no such thing as correct Duet fingering. It is apparent that you cannot stipulate certain fingers for specific notes, as much depends on the following note patterns. Sorry to ramble on so, but basically, I'd appreciate any advice on correct (or how to avoid incorrect) fingering for the Jeffries Duet. Thanks, Paul
  2. Hi OLDNICKILBY, You sent me a message some time ago asking this question regarding a Lachenal Anglo that I was selling (now sold) - unfortunately attempts at replying to your mail failed. You asked whether my box was stamped as you describe, it was. Is this significant - or is it just something that is of interest to you?
  3. Well...when I said I lived a few miles north of Chippenham, I could have said a few miles south of Malmesbury! Stanton St Qunitin to be exact! I am currently having a rest from Morris - I feel a bit 'Morris-ed out' at the moment after 32 plus years - lost the enthusiasm...mid-life crisis or summat! I have been with the Gloucestershire MM for the last year or so - who are associated with Stroud, which I see from the Malmesbury Morris's site, have an association with you too. Before that, I was with Bathampton MM after I moved to Wiltshire from Essex in 1990. I'll send you a PM with regard to going along to a Bradford session sometime. Cheers, Paul
  4. Hi Woody, Welcome to the fold...I too live in Wiltshire, just a few miles north of Chippenham. Not met Chris myself yet, but am planning of going along to one of the sessions he runs at Bradford-on-Avon...maybe we'll meet up there? Cheers, Paul
  5. Hi Gavin,I'll try my best - I live about 5 miles from Chippenham, so there's no excuse eh? ! Cheers, Paul
  6. Hello Richard, Congratulations on acquiring your Jeffries. I too have a Jeffries Duet, and have been playing it regularly for Morris for a few years. Although I believe the instrument is capable of being played in any key, my limited ability means I tend to play it in G, which fortunately suits Morris! I was interested in your description of the stamping on your instrument. Mine has C.J. and Jeffries' 'new' Kilburn NW6 address under the left handle with reversed 'N', and Aug 8 1921 under the right handle, with the name W. Thomas under the right strap. I assume W. Thomas was the owner of my particular instrument. BTW - I live in Wiltshire.
  7. Further to trickcyclist's report - I (being the seller of the said box) have since contacted all bidders through eBay to alert them of this scam. If we can nip just one in the bud, then it'll be worthwhile. Thanks to trickcyclist for letting me know of this, and I hope he's sucessful in his search for a suitable box - I'll let you know if I hear of one!
  8. I am selling my 32 button Lachenal G/D Anglo as I have moved across to playing a Jeffires Duet in recent years, and rather than let it sit there doing nothing, I thought there might be someone on here that would like the chance to use it as it should. I believe it was probably made around 1910 (serial no. 175960) All notes play well with a lovely mellow tone, although one note (on left side) may require some slight attention to the leather valve as it buzzes a little on ‘suck’! Although I believe that this may improve with playing. There is a very slight leak from the bellows/wood end area, but this does not impare playing at all. I'm looking for 1100 GBP plus shipping costs etc,. More details here.... http://www.concertina.net/buysell_detail.html?rec_id=927
  9. I voted R on R, which is how I rest the box when practicing, but when I'm playing for my Morris side, I'm standing....but I find my Jeffries can get a bit heavy when holding it above waist height for long periods, so I occasionally let it 'drop' a bit to give my arms a rest!
  10. Hi Mark, I believe that the Kilburn Road instruments were made using 'stock' end plates and simply re-stamped with the later workshop address...but I may be wrong. Paul
  11. Thanks for your reply Wes. I initially thought that the Kilburn address was that of the box's owner, but a friend of mine (Dave Lee - possibly the originator of this thread?) told me of the relocation of Jeffries' workshop from Praed Street. I must say, I have found this site very interesting. I never realised that my concertina was so sought-after (not that I will sell it!)....I really must play it more! Paul
  12. I'm a new member and have been searching this site for Jeffries Duet info. I have a 51 key Jeffries Duet that I bought back in the 80s, not aware at the time what it was, but it was too good a price to let go. When I did find out, I was determined not to have it 'converted' but kept it as a duet. I play it occasionally for Morris, though not very well! It has the same address as Malcolm's instrument in the oval (with 'Jeffries Bros Maker' but without the word 'LATE') and has 'C. J. NEW ADDRESS 12. ALDERSHOT ROAD KILBURN N.W.6' under the right handrest - although, on my instrument, it is poorly stamped as, rather curiously, the 'N' in NEW, KILBURN and N.W.6 is reversed! Paul
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