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16b Jones Anglo Details

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I have posted this message on another C.net forum but would like to also test opinions on this forum.


I have just bought this 16b Jones Anglo


and the following observations may be of interest;

- # 16340 (can anyone date this).

- Mahogany ends.

- G Jones, Commercial Rd stamped on end (not trade mark stamped on handle).

- Structurally, it seems to be a standard Jones Anglo; hardwood action pan, rivetted action on fishtail posts.

- Wood screws rather than bolts.

- Mixture of brass and steel reeds in screwed brass shoes.

- Layout (I have taken notes from reed shoes and not yet checked them with tuner) seems to be based around C (red on attached layout) with accidentals on upper left row and mixture on right hand.

- No marks suggesting that this was a 20b that was aletered to be a 16b.



Whilst the left hand makes some sense, it seems strange to me that the upper right hand row is not positioned for the index, 2nd and 3rd fingers.


Any suggestions/comments on this odd instrument would be very welcome; I note that there isn't an example in the Horniman collection and a 16b Anglo does not appear in price lists.


Best Regards,


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Dear All,


Further details about this odd concertina (Jones #16340) are now on www.concertina.biz.


I still can't understand why this (unique?) concertina was produced. huh.gif








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