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Help Me, Please?!?!?


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Thanks Jim. I'll pop over to those links and see what's out there for me. As a beginner I will probably have plenty of buttons to work with for at least a year. Maybe by then I'll want to hunt down a nice vintage concertina to go with my quirky vintage house.

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Kirsten I hope you are having fun with your instrument! Mine arrived from the vendor today and it isn't the one pictured, but it IS an English. Instead of natural wood it is bright red with blue bellows. :blink: I'm going with it as it is because it's just too much fun to stick back in the box and take a chance I won't get as close next time. For better or worse, the little beast is here to stay. My 18month old grand daughter is sleeping upstairs, so I can only look longingly at the bizarre little thing. I've about half worked out which notes I have and where they are. This forum has been a huge help so far!

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