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Alan Day

Cold Weather Injury

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Many years ago at the Sidmouth Folk Festival held in 1st Week in August which should be warm and it wasn`t.On the first day,the Saturday we decided to go down to the sea front and have a practice.(the pubs were not open).

It started to rain and the wind was blowing in from the sea.The only place to play was the shelter just by where the river joins the sea,for those of you who know Sidmouth.My hands were freezing when we started playing and when half way through the first tune something went in the back of my hand and a lump started to appear, which after a week of playing finished up the size of a golf ball and playing became agony.Did it stop me ,no

The lump did go down eventually but I have been wary of playing with cold hands ever since.

An athletic muscle pull perhaps?

Al (the sturdy)or a similar word perhaps?

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