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Concertina Record Albums


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Most of the albums have never been played. Those that have, only once or twice.


“The Art of William Kimber” TOPIC 12T249

“The Mexborough English Concertina Prize Band” PLANT LIFE PLR055 (will need extra postage)

“Because It’s There” Martin Carthy TOPIC 12TS389

“Out of the Cut” Martin Carthy TOPIC 12TS426

“Shreds and Patches” John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris TOPIC 12TS355

“Going Spare” John Kirkpatrick FREE REED FRR030

“Plain Capers” John Kirkpatrick with Sue Harris, Martin Carthy, Martin Brinsford,

Fi Fraser FREE REED (two copies)

“Facing the Music” John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris TOPIC 12TS408

“Melodeon Greats” TOPIC 12T376

“The Concertina Record” Lea Nicholson KICKING MULE KM311

“Brass Monkey” Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Howard Evans, Martin Brinsford,

Rodger Williams TOPIC 12TS431


Price each $10.00 US, plus packing & postage $6.00 (1st class).

George Salley

POB 506

Hartfield, VA 23071


Phone # (804) 776-7256

Email: gcsalley@cablefirst.net

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