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That Box On The Muppet Show!


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I just saw the old episode of the Muppet Show, guest starring Peter Sellers. In the first musical number one of the muppets was holding a concertina, which to my surprise was a real one, and not a cheapo prop. Indeed, it looked either like a Jeffries or a Jeffries copy, in shiny new condition and with extra bellows folds.


The muppet was holding it upside down.


Also, when viewing the number again (it was on DVD,) we discovered that watching muppets talking in super-slow motion is immensely entertaining.



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I presume you're writing from the States ?

I am jealous, I am a great fan of Peter Sellers, and in fact I live now only about a quarter of a mile from where he used to live with his mother......the temptation to name my children Eccles and Bluebottle (little East Finchley scout !) was almost more than I could bear....my New Yorker partner commented that she knew she was becoming assimilated when she started liking the Goon Show and Christmas pudding !

Muppets, of course, have very divided musical talents - have you noticed how all the guitarists, and Kermit on the banjo, play left-handed ? But Rolf and Animal are geniuses ( ?genii ?).

Peter Sellers, of course, was not without musical talent, and can be heard playing the ukele on a Steeleye Span album track.



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He appears on 'New York Girls', which is the last track on side 1 of Commoners Crown. He also says a few lines including some after the track.


Span had one or two unusual guests including David Bowie on Now We Are 6.

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Hmmm, don't remember the concertina, I will have to watch that episode again! Sellers' portrayal of a wild Gypsy violinist was unforgettable - to the extent that it's the only thing I remember about his appearance on the Muppet Show...


Audible in the LP fadeout of Steeleye Span's Commoner's Crown:


"I say, are you a matelot?"


"Careful what you say sir - we're on board ship here..."

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