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Asking For Help - Microphones For Anglo Concertina


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Hello Jacek,


Welcome to the forum.


Have a look at this link:




The systems shown there will work just as well for an Anglo concertina or an English.


I hope you will find the answer here but please come back if you need any more information.



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Jacek - check out the Microvox mikes website- that's what I'm using and they work well. Also see my inquiry about miking concertinas in this forum - last post to that was November 8, I think. I'm still working on trying to mount mikes internally w/ external jack. although the Microvox velcro system works ok.


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You may be interested in the mail I had from Anker Hintze, in Denmark, recently. " We have now tested the microphone we got from you on our concertina and it's fantastic. We are totally satisfied. " If you want to contact him his address is < ankerhintze@hotmail.com > . I have a small company making specialised close-micing systems for acoustic instruments - see accusound.com- but the detail of the mics for the tina are not there yet. I can send you photos of you are interested. Ankers' group are now asking for the mics we make for pipes which may be of interest to other musicians too. The system he is now using has unidirectional capsules which have been available only recently but both Hamish Bayne and Simon Thoumire have been using the omni versions for some time.


Regards Griff Jones.

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