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  1. Jacek - check out the Microvox mikes website- that's what I'm using and they work well. Also see my inquiry about miking concertinas in this forum - last post to that was November 8, I think. I'm still working on trying to mount mikes internally w/ external jack. although the Microvox velcro system works ok. Braxton
  2. Does anyone have suggestions/experience on how best to mike a concertina? I'm playing a Tedrow in a band w/ sax, drums, guitar and bass (mostly blues, but that's another topic) and need serious volume for live performances. CurrentlyIi use two small "tv announcer" condenser mikes, velcroed to a corner of each side and running to a Y connector and then to either the sound board or a Fender guitar amp. However, (1) exuberant movement will pull the mikes off, (2) the reeds closer to the mikes are louder, (3) the high reeds are much louder than the lower ones due to the frequency response of the mikes, and (4) occasionally you get feedback problems if monitor volume is high. I'm considering internally mounting high quality condenser mikes inside each end, with external jacks. Suggestions?
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