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Henk van Aalten

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Dear Concertina friends,


I assume that this forum is meant to exchange tunes/songs in order to learn from each other as was suggsted by Joachim Delp in the General Concertina Discussion Forum under the topic Interchanging, Teaching, Learning Favourite Tunes and Stephen Mills in the topic Learning tunes.


To get this thing started I suggest to use the diskspace the we (as combined Concertina players) have on the internet. Everyone of us has an internet provider and most providers offer diskspace to place your own website. This space can be (partly) used by YOU to place soundfiles of tunes that YOU play.


In this way YOUcan get usefull comments of those that are at a higher level of playing and at the same time YOU can help those that are at a lower level by answering their questions. For each of us this is a win-win situation and could be great fun.


For the time being I suggest:

1. to start a new topic for each tune that is entered by one of you.

2. to use the MP3 format for te sound files (most common format, and it takes not much space)


So let's start and create together a "Virtual Concertina Disk" that after some time may host a lot of tunes played by this Concertina Community and let's start to learn from each other.


Finally: This only works when YOU participate! I case of any (technical) questions I am willing to help you as much as I can.


Thanks for your cooperation!


Henk van Aalten

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To illustrate the idea, I made a simple page on the diskspace that my internet provider reserved for me (without any extra costs). You can find it at: http://home.planet.nl/~aalte099/


I invite you to do the same and enter your tune(s) as a new topic in this forum. In case of any questions please let me know in this forum or directly to me.



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