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Thimble To Adjust Thumbstrap Fit

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:) I just posted a note in 'Buy And Sell,' but, adding a bit here.


I don't know if anyone else likes to adjust the fit of the thumbstrap(s) at times, but, anyway, I use a crocheted thimble....


Re the thimble -- My concertina's thumbstraps are as tight as they can conveniently be, and I wouldn't want them any tighter (or looser). Usually, while playing, both my hands are working quite evenly and the slightly-loose fit of the thumbstraps is no problem.


BUT, sometimes when I'm sitting and playing with the concertina 'propped' on my right knee, my left hand is doing more of the pushing/pulling, and my left thumb slips way into the strap and gets stuck there! This is when I appreciate using a thumb thimble.

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