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Mallinson's Cotswold Morris Book And Cd

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Old friends are/were Cora and Stuart (hah, great friends, I'm blanking on the last name here). Cora and I pretty much grew up together in Berea.


I was with Baltimorris in the early '80's and my ex founded and was on Chesapeake Morris and Sword in the mid-'80's. Post-divorce politics prevented me from joining Rock Creek Morris Women, ex eventually ended up with Deer Creek in CA. I hung out with the Foggy Bottom guys at Washington Revels stuff, but haven't danced on a team in, oh, years.


I miss the Bluemont Ales, they were always very well run and a lot of fun. Still have a scar on one finger from my first ale. I was making something rather last minute to wear to the contra dance, sliced open my finger on a pair of no-sharpen scissors, and went to the ale with a huge bandage and three stitches in my finger. There's a photo of me dancing across from Alastair Brown (Thames Valley) at a mass dance in front of the courthouse with my white hankies and whiter bandage a-flappin' in the breeze.


Nice, nice folk, Bluemont. Give good party :)

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>Nice, nice folk, Bluemont. Give good party


Great people, great ales -- made better by the chance to meet and play with terrific concertina players, such as Concertina.Net's Robin H (missed you guys this year). Need more concertinas in Morris, get rid of some of the excess button accordions!


I played in the Tak Park 4th of july parade this year with the musicians from Rock Creek. 100 degrees, playing The Perfect Cure over and over...and over again.


And of course Nick R. of Foggy Bottom, with his Jeffries Duet, is an inspiration to all us more humble musicians. What an amazing player.

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>Nick rocks! I just wish I'd appreciated his close proximity

> more when I actually lived there. Now all I can do is remember

> his playing fondly


He has offered me one piece of advice: NEVER play a single note. His playing is so complex, so varied, but he has a big advantage (aside from the obvious --talent): that duet box of his. It's harder to accomplish on anglo, but his specter keeps me trying to reach that ideal when playing Morris.

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