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Saw John Kirkpatrick In Concert

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On Saturday I went to see John Kirkpatrick's Christmas concert in a Woverhampton pub. He was really good.


He mainly played a British Chromatic Accordion but also a one-row Hohner melodeon and an Anglo concertina.


My understanding is that the concertina he used was a 40 button Crabb. It sounded great.


Mr Kirkpatrick played all his instruments whilst standing. When playing the Anglo for an instrumental piece he held the concertina at chest height with elbows bent, like Scan Tester appeared to do in the photographs that I have seen. When using it as accompaniment to singing it was back down at waist height. But the position made no discernable difference to his playing - he always filled the instrument; the accompaniment was rich and complex.


If you get the chance to see one of his shows, I can recommend it.

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On Saturday I went to see John Kirkpatrick's Christmas concert in a Woverhampton pub.

Likewise - a shame I didn't know who you were, Christopher. Three of us from the WM/Welsh Marches Concertina group were there too.


It was an absolutely inspiring evening - I spent much of the gig just watching his fingers!

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Ah, you must have been the dark haired young man with the sideburns. I was to the left across the table from Steve Goodyear who I met last year at the West Mids & Welsh Marches Concertina Group. I only went that once but seeing as Steve tells me there are more Anglo players attending now I shall certainly be making an effort to attend.


As for John Kirkpatrick - what a talented and pleasant man he is. I've been lucky enough to see both him and Noel Hill in concert now, and I can't imagine that there can be two better players in the British Isles.

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