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"c" Button Still Plays?

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Hello folks.

I'm am REAL new to the concertina and have a question.

I am playing "Stagi" and am now finding that the "C" keeps playing even after I have let go of the button. I opened it up and didn't see anything remotely familar.

It's getting really irritating as it still sounds even when I don't want it to.


What can I do?





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Air is leaking through the hole in the wood that the pad should be blocking. Open it up again, and also open the action box (you probably didn't get that far before). You will need to remove one or two little screws. When you can see the levers and pads that are attached to the buttons, figure out which is the offending C and look at the way the pad sits on the hole. Figure out why air is getting through and try to fix it.


Let us know how you make out.

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