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Help--i Seem To Be Leaking!

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Hi all,


I have this 15 year old GDR manufactured Hohner 20 button anglo, and I was examining it to see why it didn't seem as air tight as it used to be, and I discovered a bellows leak. The leak isn't on an exterior corner where one might expect, but it seems to be in an interior corner. It isn't visible from the outside, because there is this cunning little piece of black cloth covering the inside corners of this instrument (or CSO, if you prefer). I was able to locate the spot with that highly technical piece of concertina diagnostic equipment: my tongue.


I would deeply appreciate any insight into what to do to pin point and seal the leak. It's not a great instrument, but it's the only one I've got, and it must last until an upgrade can occur.


The bellows appear to be cardboard, if that helps with your suggestions.


Thanks loads,


Jim Robertson

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