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30 Key Morse Anglo For Sale (c/g)


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Well, I'm afraid to have to admit this to myself, but due to some financial pratfalls this month, I'm going to have to sell my Concertina.


It's in pristine condition, comes with case and is a Lachneal layout.


I'm looking for $1000 US for it. If interested, please send me a PM.



At least I have my old Stagi to continue playing.

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Hooray for you Richard! I was sorry to hear you had to sell it. One of these days let's play a duet for your little one! And how fortunate you are in your spouse - not what we hear from everyone here. (As for me, I couldn't even get anyone to marry me; concertinas must scare them off!) :P



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My wife has made it clear that I'm not to sell the concertina. My little one likes it too much.


Fortunate fellow you! My heart sank when I saw your original posting. In another lifetime I thought selling a treasured concertina was the answer to a financial misadventure (grad school). No one raised a had to stop me and I was without one for close to 20 years. Your spouse is very wise :) .

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