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Wallis(lachenal) Just Placed For Sale.


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This is a "high-end" Lachenal built for "J.Wallis & Son, 133 and 135 Euston Rd., N.W., London". It has rosewood ends, bone buttons and six-fold bellows. The extra two keys are a baby's cry and a bird whistle. The (C/G) layout is modified to approximate Colin Dipper's "Double C# scheme" with the variation of a pulled low "A" in the left accidental row suggested by Noel Hill. Also, the pushed F# on the right accidental row is an octave higher than in Colin's scheme. (see picture). A custom-built case is included.


I purchased this concertina from the Button Box approximately eight years ago where it had been extensively reworked (new pads, bellows, etc.). They also did the subsequent layout modifications. Serial number is 103495, for which my research indicates a manufacture date of mid-1880's to early-1890's.


Anyone who attended the Oregon Noel Hill Workshops up to 2003 might have seen and heard this instrument. It is easy-playing, sweet-sounding and in excellent condition. The only reason I am selling it is that my County Clare Dipper is nearing completion and I can't afford to keep both.


I live in Los Angeles and will promptly ship insured ground for an additional $40.00. I am registered with both PayPal and iEscrow.


Price is $2,760.00.


-Phil Meyers post-114-1134773130_thumb.jpg

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I wouldn't go quite so far as to describe a rosewood ended Lachenal as "high end", I would rather reserve that term for their New Model concertinas. However I do like them a lot. My first ever concertina was one such, and a couple of years back when I realised I wasn't playing C/G so much I sold my Dickinson and bought another. They do have a beautiful sweetness of tone, I have to say, and this one does look like a nice example.



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