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Crabb / C. Jeffries D/A 31 key anglo + leather case for sale


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For sale D/A Crabb anglo marked 'C. Jeffries maker' on one metal end and 30 bone buttons + drone.


Added 18/05/2024

(Since placing this posting, I have had further information from our forum member, who previously owned the instrument and knew its history.  He was able to confirm that it was made by  J Crabb for  Charles Jeffries, as occasionally happened - it is apparently marked to that effect under the right-hand fretwork. In addition, he was able to tell me that the bellows are from C&R Dipper and marked as such, which accounts for their excellent condition and 'playability. He also said that the tuning was a 'special' tuning from the  previous tuner / owner from him, also of this parish, which accounts for it's 'sweetness'.  Both forum members are knowledgeable and  respected contributors to our site, so my thanks for their input to fill out my limited knowledge.)


This is a lovely player, it's quick and powerful and, although tuned in D and A, doesn't sound shrill, thanks to a 'special' sweet tuning.  It nevertheless has all the attributes of a classic Crabb / Jeffries in terms of tone, very rapid response, good dynamic control and bags of volume and 'cut'. 

Condition is excellent, barring a small light scrape on the right hand metal end between the rows.  It's got excellent compression, the bellows are in good airtight order and nice and clean and flexible, with the usual Jeffries 'Dolphin' pattern papers.  It has good guilding on the bellows ends and the internals are in clean, refurbished condition.

There is a leather Jeffries case included, which unusually has both a working clasp and secure loop handle and is also clean and in good used condition  with a few rubs and marks comensurate with age.


I bought this instrument a couple of years ago, through a forum member, to use in a show, as I found playing in D on my C/G was a bit too awkward at the time. I then kept it for some song sessions. but am selling now because I no longer have use for it and age plus recent illness means I want to cull some of the herd!  Whilst this instrument is made by J. Crabb, it plays just as well as the C. Jeffries instruments that I have owned in the past, so if you have use for a D/A, then I'm sure it won't disappoint - it's a great 'tina in every way!


I've priced it as fairly as I can, so don't really want to take any offers,. I also will only sell within the UK if at all possible, as I haven't any experience with selling outside this and the complications of customs declarations, etc. put me off,  so again, please don't ask.


More pictures available via email, if serious.


Price is £4000.00 including carriage

Home collection available from Devon.



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