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Advice with depressed reed


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I wonder if anyone can offer some advice.

My son has a very old Crabb. The D’ pull suddenly went silent, so I opened it up to see if there might be some dust, etc.

I noticed that the reed seems depressed/lodged. Is this the correct position? I wonder if I should ease it, dislodge it?

I lifted the white leather flap, and blew under there to release any dust. This made no difference.

He has county fleadh this weekend, so I don’t think I have much time to send it for repair. I’m in Dublin.



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Definitely not in the right position.  The reed should sit just above the shoe, like it's neighbours.


Be careful, but if it was playing OK before, then the likelihood is that it's just caught there due to a hair, spec of dust or the reed being a little tight in the shoe and getting stuck during playing.  In which case if you take the reed pan out, take the reed out and - very gently - push the reed with a small wooden coffee stirrer, it should snap back into place.  If it takes more than a very small effort, there's something else going on.


If you have a thin feeler gauge, you could run that along the sides between the reed tongue and the shoe just to make sure there's nothing stuck there.


Good luck!


Alex West

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