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In recent months I have been also delving into writing Duo works for instruments, and I  like to gently interweave the two parts closely together.

This work[ Cuckoo theme] was later made into a solo melodic single line piece afterwards, but this duo came first.

It is a jaunty and eccentric tune, which I play on concertina, and my more recent additions ' Chalumeau' [wooden early version of the later Clarinet].  The 'Cuckoo' call keeps occurring throughout the 2 and half minutes of the short piece, almost as if the birds are nearly competing with each other, yet it is a 'Duo' NOT a duet, and so they instead add a bit of the calling and it ends with the same distinctive 'cuckoo sound before completing.  I have also attached my image showing the first pages of the SOLOIST version, recently completed, of which the images have been incorporated into the duo film.




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