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Rock the Cradle Joe, Old Time Chestnut, C/G Anglo

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Rock the Cradle Joe, Old Time chestnut on the C/G Anglo concertina.


This a fine old D tune. A fiddle tune first recorded in Virginia way back when. It's one of those Old Time songs I learned from fiddler Michael Gorin 40 years ago, so it's been well burnished by the folk process over the years. I've always played it on my G/D Anglo but last week I thought I would give it a try it on the C/G.


Amazing! It's like Rock the Cradle Joe is a whole different tune!


For one thing, my Morse 31 C/G you see me playing here is so light and sprightly. Also, the C/G favors those D 7/9 draw chords that sound like the baby crying in the A part.


Then, if you listen till the end, you hear me put the baby to sleep so that those poor first time parents Lucy and Joe can finally get some rest and the baby settle down.





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