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practicing scales as chords -- any advice (english concertina)

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I recently tried to play the "organ" line for Telstar on the English Concertina. 

It starts with four major chords





they are all easy enough to play individually, but moving between them is very tricky because there is (obviously) no note or backup position in common between successive chords, and i often get lost  whilst moving up or down a semitone. I'm hoping to have 4 notes playing for each chord with the tonic at the top and bottom. Is there any hope at all for a smooth succession of chords?


This got me started on trying to do what I probably should have done years ago, which is to practice chord scales. Most of the chords are not complicated but some are fiendish as part of a semitone scale including C# and G# (even though I have a choice of Ab or G#). 


Has anyone got any hints and tips on how not to get lost going up and down a semitone-scale ? Before I develop some very bad habits ?



I havnt even started on minor chords yet....

Thank you



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