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Identifying concertina - Crabb?

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This nice little 26 key concertina has come my way recently.  In most respects, it's identical to 26 key wooden ended Jeffries that I've seen before but:

  • It's not stamped C Jeffries Maker on the sides of the action frame
  • The levers are steel, not brass
  • The bellows papers are the dot & cross Lachenal type papers
  • It has a number 8115 stamped on the left and right action boards and reed pans


The seller thought it was a G Jones, but my working assumption is that it's a Crabb, dating from the 1880s.  The reeds are stamped as for a C/G but it sounds as though it's a Bb/F.  The left hand lever layout as pictured is peculiar - I've not seen one quite like that before 


Any thoughts?  Geoff?


Alex West

DSC04773 (1).jpeg

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Hi Alex, I would accept that it is of Crabb manufacture and the date as Stephen has said.

Fretwork patterns can sometimes cause confusion in Identifying a make. It was not uncommon among makers for the piercing work and indeed, the design, to be outsourced to those engaged in that trade. That is why some fretwork similarities appear on instruments of different make.

The bellows paper used was readily available at the time, and the steel lever wire lessened the end price to £2-0-0.complete with black case. 


For the benefit of yourself and others, I have attached the latest updated version of my Crabb dating document. You will see that I have added 8115. I have also emended my Email address.

Crabb Dating Doc as at 06.01.2024.docx



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