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Leather Neck Strap

William Halsted

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I use the concertina to accompany my singing. Normally I sit and rest the left end on my left knee when I play, but I really wanted to be able to sing standing up. The problem was the weight and unwieldiness of the instrument when held free in the air. Thus, my brother, who has a knack for craftsmanship, made me this leather neck strap to hold it. The rings that go around the ends of the concertina allow me to adjust the angle at which it hangs. The leather grips pretty well and doesn't slip, and with the back end of the thumb straps slipped over the top of each ring, there's no way it's coming off. The leather neck pad is extremely comfortable, and the paracord that connects it to the concertina is adjustable. It hangs right above my belt.


It takes a little getting used to, because the bellows technique must be adjusted to standing position, but it works marvelously. I can now sing and play standing up. The neck strap takes most of the weight off of my thumbs, and even allows my usual bellows technique of hinging at the bottom. I can play with it resting against my stomach or swing it out from my body, which gives better control but is more tiring on my hands. Overall I really love this piece of equipment, and I wanted to share it in case anyone else is looking for a good neck strap solution.

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7 hours ago, William Halsted said:

@Leah Velleman Yes, it also allows you to hang the instrument at any angle. I'm not thrilled with the idea of drilling into it, anyway.

You don't have to (scroll down to the last but one contri in the thread):



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