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New CD of English style tunes


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Just a quick plug for a new CD of English style tunes.  'Backwards Telescope' from Colin (Penny for the Ploughboy) and Karen Cater, ably assisted by Anahata, Mary Humphries, Chris Partington and Danny Gallagher.  Almost all self penned by Colin, who's decades of melodeon and anglo playing give these tracks a real 'back to the music we love' feel.  As it says on the sleeve - ' Contemporary English Music Inspired by Times Past'. 15 tracks, 25 tunes + a song from Karen, played mainly on G/D anglos + melodeons, 5 string banjo, fiddle and cello. From Hedingham Fair website - my copy was £13.95 incl postage - good production values and tune info. .  Reminded me of those bands in the 70's and 80's, who put the English repertoire back on the map. I'm just a happy customer, no connection.

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