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Tips for a Beginner

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As you have questions about a number of instruments other than concertina, and some of them appear to involve Irish music, may I suggest that you can get additional ideas and more information in other forums such as thesession.org. They discuss all sorts of instruments there.



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My 2 cents:


Grip: Hold the bodhrán with your non-dominant hand inside the rim, fingers spread out. Experiment for comfort.

Techniques: Practice downstrokes (striking near the center) and upstrokes (lightly lifting). Alternate for rhythm and control.

Rhythms: Start with simple patterns like reels and jigs. Play along with recordings to develop timing.

Tuning: Regularly adjust the drumhead tension for optimal sound. Check for changes in temperature or humidity.

Resources: Utilize books, online tutorials, and workshops for guidance and instruction.

Practice: Dedicate daily time to practice. Be patient and enjoy the learning process!


☺️ Werner.

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