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"The King Street Sessions Tunebook" Interactive PDF tunebooks with Anglo Concertina tablature

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I've released free "Interactive" PDF versions of "The King Street Sessions Tunebook" with fingering tablature for both Jeffries and Wheatstone Anglo Concertina played in a cross-row style.

Demo Video:



This tunebook, originally released by Michael Long in 2000, contains nearly 1000 tunes grouped by style.

Michael has given me his blessing and permission to release these editions of his tunebook with tablature for multiple instruments.

Here's how to navigate the tunebook:

Click on the title of any tune to play it.

Click on the arrows at the right of any tune to go to the Index.

Click on any tune name in the index to jump directly to that tune.

Download your free copy here:


There is also a smaller "Light" PDF edition available on the same page that just contains the tunes, no Index, no playback features.

Some details on my Cross-Row fingering solutions:

For both Wheatstone and Jeffries:

Favors playing the D5 and E5 on the left-side G-row.

Favors playing the D5 and E5 on the left-side G-row.

Favors playing C5 on the left-side G-row draw.

Favors playing B4 on the right-side C-row draw.


For Jeffries:

Favors the C#5 and D#5 on the right-side top-row second button.

The tunebooks were created using my free "ABC Transcription Tools", which can add Anglo Concertina fingering tablature to one or many ABC tunes.

It supports both Wheatstone and Jeffries-style instruments and can create both On-Row or Cross-Row fingerings tablature for both systems.

Try it here:


Also, I have available a stand-alone "Anglo Concertina Fingering Generator Batch Pre-processor for ABC Tunebooks" utility available at:



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I found and fixed a bug in the Wheatstone cross-fingering solution and regenerated the KSS Cross-row Wheatstone tunebooks.  

Now the Jeffries and Wheatstone cross-row solutions are equivalent and I hope you'll really like the new versions.
They very closely match how I'd play the tunes on both instruments, almost spooky to read through them.
If you downloaded either of the Wheatstone cross-row versions before 10 AM Pacific, today, July 22, you should download the new versions.

I also regenerated the Wheatstone cross-row versions of the big Jig and Reel Interactive tunebooks as well as
the Wheatstone cross-row version of "Some Lovely Tunes for Anglo Concertina".

Please download all the new Wheatstone cross-row version PDFs at:

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There are new versions of "The King Street Sessions Tunebook" with Anglo Concertina tablature available at:


I've fixed a few bugs in the tablature generator as well as moved the tab under the notation.

Additionally, I now show the original chord markings that were in the book above the notation.

The "Light" edition now has a full index at the back.


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