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31-key Crabb (Ball Beavon) in C/G

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This is a vintage Crabb (Geoffrey confirms it was made by his grandfather in 1911) sold by the major London music retailer Ball Beavon, whose stamp appears on the action box frame.
It has the standard Crabb layout, with a C drone on the left hand.

I have made and fitted new 7-fold bellows... the original 6-fold set was in as sorry a state as I have ever seen: someone had tried to make them useable by lining them with a plastic bag!


In addition, I have renewed all pads, valves, bushes and straps, and tuned it to modern concert pitch. Cosmetically, the ends are not the finest. They have lost their youthful sparkle, and they show some light pitting, so for that reason I am not asking top dollar. But if performance is more important to you than pristine appearance, then this could be the one.

Price: £3450






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