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Concertina Camp (formerly Arran Concertina Event)


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I am very sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to Concertina Camp 2023 but after much consideration in the past couple of months, I have decided to no longer run this event.

Concertina Camp was the successor to the Arran Concertina Event (ACE) which I originally set up in order to bring concertina players nearer to me when I lived on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. A second, and equally important, reason when I started the event was to generate income for our local village hall through using it and the bunkhouse attached to it.

I moved away from Arran in 2019 and I managed to run one more ACE that year before Covid disrupted shared music making for far too long.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of running Concertina Camp at a new location in 2022 as it gave me the opportunity to meet new squeezers and reconnect with some old friends. However, neither of my original aims are fundamental to the event now, and so the impetus to keep it going is not the same.

I am particularly grateful to Paul Schwartz for allowing me to publicise the Arran event on this forum in the early days. Without that support I doubt it would have got off the ground at all.

I run a monthly online session on the first Sunday of the month, 3pm UK time. If you would like to be included in the mailing list for that, please let me know by provate message.

I hope very much to meet up with you all at other events around the UK - Squeeze On!

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