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Range of 30 and 40 button Wheatstone/Lachenal Anglo Concertina

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I made this range chart based on a piano keyboard, to help myself when arranging tunes couple months ago. It shows what note a concertina can play and how many of them on it. Hope this chart would make helps for some people on some purposes. Forgot adding in the chart, it's for CG instruments.



Actually I was kinda shocked when I found out all the "accidentals" are only on one direction of bellow movements for 30b, but many of music composers can still make good music for it.


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That' a very pretty looking chart; and a nice considerate thought for others.  I also have a basic range ( of my 30 key instrument ) on a manuscript which I  keep close at hand for reference, and is useful.

As for range of notes; I have found few limits to possibilities over the years I have both played music, or written my own. In fact concertina note range sometimes exceeds that of other more established instruments. ( Which many none enthusiasts find quite surprising!)..

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