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Push-Pull Bellows Training

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I'm just now starting with one of Gary Coover's books, and he is introducing some chords.  Is there any training out there for how to work the left hand chords with the right hand melody and getting the bellows working in the correct direction?  I seem to be always running out of air before I can get to the next chord change.  Thanks!

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Hey Frank, don't worry too much about the air at first - you're probably pushing and pulling a bit too hard, and also probably too slowly since you're still learning and getting the hang of it. Practice and familiarity and time will likely take care of the problem, but it can be really frustrating at first! In a little while it will feel like second nature. I sometimes still get the push and pull reversed so it's not just you - it just takes a while to get the subconscious and motor memory properly trained.



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