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A very stupid song

Gregor Markič

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I believe it might recall a smile on some faces, even if one doesn't understand the language. The simple fact of multiple identical rhymes and the shere stupidity of the meaning of the song should suffice 🙂


Selják- Peasant

Od krvavih žuljev kmeta- On the bloody blisters of the peasant
vsak profita si obeta,- everybody wants to gain some profit,
mestni človek samo šeta,- people of the cities do nothing but stroll
kmet tezgari dolga leta.- while a peasant works years long.
Zemla mu rodi bogato, - The soil is fertile to him
on vihti svojo lopato,- he waves his shovel
nič ne mara za kravato,- he doesn't favor a necktie
dajte mu medaljo zlato!- give him a golden medal!
Ni važnejšega človeka- Nobody is more importaint
od pridelovalca mleka,- than a milk producer
temu se ne oporeka- that cannot denied
je tako od pamtiveka,- so it was for ages.
Predno konja okomata,- Before saddling his horse
ženo v postelji prešlata,- he fondles his wife in bed
on ne mara celibata,- he hates celibate
on je gazda, ne copata.- he is the head of the family not a handpacked husband
Ni bolj hraberga soldata,- No other soldier is braver than he
varuha patriarhata,- he is the guardian of the patriarchate
on ne rabi avtomata,- he needs no machine
polje da se prelopata.- for his field to be ploughed
Škornje usrane ma od blata,- His boots have dirt on
de stoji frišna solata- so that lettuce
na polic supermerkata- may be bought from the shelves of a supermarket
če prodati mu jo rata.- if he succedes to sell it.
Ima sestro, ima brata,- He has a sister, he has a brother
ker je svojmu sinu ata,- he is a father to his son
višji je od Ararata,- therefore he is higher than mount Ararat
prsa, jajca ima kosmata.- and his chest and his balls are hairy.


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