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Jeffries Concertina for sale or swap in Ireland

Surly Boy

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I was directed to here by the fine folk of thesession.org.


I’m selling my Jeffries concertina to a good owner. Yes, like selling a whippet or an old cat!

C/G metal sides metal buttons surrounded by red felt, with a C Drone, new bellows in black. Tooling on the bellows but not on the sides like you are used to seeing with Jeffries, so somewhat more sleek or understated if you like that. It came through Chris Algar at Barleycorn concertinas last year and I bought it in McNeela’s in Dublin. It is from the 1890-1910 period, which is apparently when the best Jeffries were made.

I got it several months ago and after playing it alongside my old Crabb, I simply prefer the character and slightly heavier feel of the Crabb concertina I had been playing for years. As such I can’t be hanging on to an instrument like this if it’s not going to be used. It’s got a very fine sharp sound characteristic of the maker. It’s also highly responsive. If you want it to play loudly, it will. And vice versa. It’s a milimetre or two smaller around the edges than your average concertina, which I absolutely love.

If I was not using it, it was out on my table and I was gawping at its beauty or looking at the little C. Jeffries Maker sign between the buttons, or else, more often, it was safely in its box.

A buyer in Ireland would be best as I don’t know anything (yet) about import charges, but import charges would be on the buyer if this is the case.

I am in Co. Kildare.


I would be interested in partial swap for a Frank Edgely professional CG or BfF concertina. 

Send an email to timdaly1990@gmail.com for more information. I have photos and videos of it in action.

All the best,


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